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Bed & Breakfast Inns located in Lexington, Michigan


Inn Name

A Night to Remember, 5712 Main Street, Lexington, Michigan 48450, Phone: (810) 359-7134


Butler Bed and Breakfast, 5774 Main Street, Lexington, Michigan 48450, (866) 359-5910


Captain's Quarters Inn, 7277 Simons Street, Lexington, Michigan 48450, (810) 359-2196


Carroll House Bed and Breakfast, 7307 Simons Street, Lexington, Michigan 48450, (810) 359-5702


Inn the Garden, 7156 Huron Ave., Lexington, Michigan 48450, (810) 359-8966


Inn the Garden Bed and Breakfast, 7156 Huron Avenue, Lexington, Michigan  48450, (810) 359-8966


Powell House Bed & Breakfast, 5076 Lakeshore Road, Lexington, Michigan   48450, (810) 359-5533


Primrose Manor, 6740 Peck Road, Lexington, Michigan 48450, (810)359-2686











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